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Cova Céltiga
When I participated to the Workshops for the Outside Galicia 2007, organized by the Autonomous Government of Galicia, and in particular to the course of magazines' modeling and publishing, I had the opportunity to meet Evelyn Cid who was participating in the name of the Ourense's Union of La Havana. Evelyn is responsible for the youth in this centre and also collaborates in the other activities of the centre, as the editing of the "Cova Céltiga" newsletter founded and directed by her father Felipe Cid.

Felipe Cid is the vice-president of the Ourense's Union of La Havana too, which is part of the Federation of Galician Societies of Cuba(FGSC). This hyperactive member of the galician community of Cuba has been publishing a newsletter of high literature quality since 1994. It is honor for the Cultural Galician Association A Roda to propose this bimonthly publication in Spanish and Galician.
Matias Vazquez
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jeudi, 01 juin 2017 Cova Céltiga n°129 Matias Vazquez 6558
mercredi, 25 janvier 2017 Cova Céltiga n°126 - Extraordinaria Matias Vazquez 7392
jeudi, 01 dcembre 2016 Cova Céltiga n°125 Matias Vazquez 6041
samedi, 01 octobre 2016 Cova Céltiga n°124 Matias Vazquez 5997
lundi, 01 aot 2016 Cova Céltiga n°123 Matias Vazquez 5794
mercredi, 01 juin 2016 Cova Céltiga n°122 Matias Vazquez 5768
dimanche, 01 mai 2016 Cova Céltiga n°121 Extraordinaria Matias Vazquez 5885
vendredi, 01 avril 2016 Cova Céltiga n°120 Matias Vazquez 5440
lundi, 01 fvrier 2016 Cova Céltiga n°119 Matias Vazquez 5127
jeudi, 01 octobre 2015 Cova Céltiga n°118 Matias Vazquez 6032
samedi, 01 aot 2015 Cova Céltiga n°117 Matias Vazquez 5698
lundi, 01 juin 2015 Cova Cétiga n°116 Matias Vazquez 5085
mercredi, 22 avril 2015 Cova Céltiga n°115 Matias Vazquez 5432
dimanche, 01 fvrier 2015 Cova Céltiga n°114 Matias Vazquez 5213
samedi, 01 novembre 2014 Cova Céltiga n°113 Matias Vazquez 4954
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